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What is Rapid Fire?

Fans of the Ketogenic diet recognize the need for healthy fats. MCTs are a beneficial type of fat that can be easily converted into fuel (in the form of ketones) for the body. Ketones are a major source of energy for the brain and also provide cellular energy as a vital foundation of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) in the muscles. It reduces the need for carbohydrates for energy, which can help curb carb cravings, plus may promote the burning of body fat for additional energy.


Rapid Fire Ketogenic Coffee is the first ready-to-mix beverage that uses organic coffee beans, loaded with natural antioxidants, fat fighting chlorogenic acid and a host of xanthines that help to supercharge your metabolism, fire up your mental focus and boost your energy.   This innovative “all-in-one” instant coffee tastes as if it was freshly brewed. For individuals that prefer their usual coffee brand, they can add Rapid Fire Ketogenic Creamer or MCT Oil to their coffee.

Rapid Fire SlimTea is a combination of 14 natural herbal ingredients, providing the convenience of multiple botanicals in one tasty beverage. Green tea is a high antioxidant, called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). Green tea is the unfermented version of black tea which comes from the Camellia sinensis bush. These leaves are processed differently to attain various levels of oxidation. Grown in many areas of the world, but especially in the cool wet climates of India, China, Pakistan, Taiwan, and parts of Argentina and Africa.


Since coffee and tea represent one of the leading sources of antioxidants in the American diet, pairing these revered beverages with healthy fats and an abundance of herbal ingredients deliver a winning combination. Rapid Fire Coffee, Creamer, MCT Oil and SlimTea were created to change the way Americans enjoy these ancient health beverages.

The Quality Assurance Process

Rapid Fire Coffee

Rapid Fire starts with a coffee seed that’s planted in large beds in shaded nurseries. When the organic fruits, called the coffee cherry are ripened, they are prudently transported to safeguard their condition. The beans are dried, and then sent to the mill; where they are hulled, graded and sorted in an inspection process to ensure only the finest beans. The milled beans, also referred to as green coffee are repeatedly tested for quality and taste, this process is known as cupping.

Afterwards, the beans are roasted at the precise temperature which transforms them into aromatic brown beans and promotes naturally occurring antioxidant capacity.  Immediately following that process, the beans are cooled and ground. The coffee is then blended with the Ketogenic blend (coconut oil, grass-fed butter, and MCTs), adhering to rigorous SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) formulation and processing conditions.

Rapid Fire SlimTea

Rapid Fire SlimTea is a robust combination of 14 natural herbal ingredients. Tea drinkers understand that not all teas are created equally. Our ingredients are meticulously chosen and kept in temperature controlled rooms, to maintain maximum freshness. We package our teas in resealable bags to stay fresh until consumed.  

Our soothing tea formula is gluten free and non-GMO. The natural flavor of our tea is extracted directly from the botanical. We realize there are other teatox brands that you can purchase, so we strive to offer only the best!

Rapid Fire is manufactured in state-of-the-art, current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) certified USA facilities.   At each step of the manufacturing process, quality control and quality assurance professionals ensure that all specifications are met. Finished products are subjected to additional testing in laboratories employing the latest technology and equipment to verify the potency and purity. Storage conditions are monitored for temperature and humidity. Once these steps are reviewed and approved, the finished product is released for shipment.  Policies and procedures are continually improved to instill quality with each product. The facilities are duly licensed and regularly inspected by FDA and other governmental and independent authorities.

Experience the Benefits
of Rapid Fire

We strive to provide health-minded individuals with nutrient-dense products to impact their daily nutritional levels. Our mission is to create premium, clean and efficacious formulas designed to support well-being and vitality, yet affordable to cost conscious consumers. Rapid Fire products are convenient, easy to use and add nutrition to your daily beverage consumption.